Family Legacies

Most people start with photographs, but there is so much more to your family’s story. A grandfather’s Army medals, a family Bible, a painting that’s been handed down for generations, your mother’s china set. Or perhaps you have a special collection that needs organizing. Taking a holistic view of your family’s collection, we will create a customized plan to document, digitize, and capture the stories that illustrate your family legacy.

We can create a digital hub that backs up all your images and a photo management plan for all the photos you have yet to take. Online family albums and archives capture genealogical information and family stories that are easily shared. Timeless photo books can be handed down to generations, or create heartwarming video slideshows for family milestones.

Gain peace of mind about your family’s collections and design the legacy that you will pass on.



Decluttering and curating decades of photos and memorabilia will save time when you need to access it. You’re better able to enjoy your collection! Gain peace of mind when your invaluable family memories are digitized and preserved.

  • Digital photos on iPhoto, Apple Photos, iPhone, iCloud

  • Digital photos on Google Photos, or PC-based applications

  • Boxes or bins of vintage family photos and memorabilia

  • Years of kids’ artwork and school papers

  • Family heirlooms and collections, from furniture to artwork to military medals



Protect priceless memories from flood, fire, or computer crashes by digitizing and backing up photos and saving originals in archival storage. We can also document objects via photo, video, and museum-type cataloging.

  • Mac and PC backup solutions

  • External hard drives and cloud storage

  • Archival storage for photographs, films, scrapbooks, newspapers, documents, and other

  • VHS, 8mm, Super 8, 16mm film conversion

  • Database of heirlooms and artwork



Easily share memories with family and friends, celebrate a milestone celebration with a special video montage. Document the stories surrounding your photographs and heirlooms to add to illustrate your family legacy.

  • Photo books

  • Traditional photo albums

  • Online photo albums

  • Online family archive

  • Slideshows and video presentations

  • Framed prints and other photo gifts

  • Oral histories

  • Life books